Ryan BECOMES A DRAGON with OSMO Hot Wheel™ MindRacers! Family Fun Loser gets Pie in the face!

Ryan BECOMES A DRAGON with s OSMO Hot Wheel™ MindRacers! Family Fun Playtime Loser gets Pie in the face!

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Kids can race and launch real Hot Wheels Cars that come to life! MindRacers come with 6 Hot Wheels cars that have their own unique personalities and super automotive powers! It’s parent vs. kid to see who can win the car race! Loser gets a pie in the face!

DISney Cars Lighting McQueen in Frozen Hot Wheels Cars Racing Real Kids Indoor Playground

DIsney Cars Lighting McQueen in Frozen Hot Wheels Cars Racing Real Kids Indoor Playground

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Welcome to my awesome adventure with my Dad. We had fun with hot wheels cars and disney cars.

There is a indoor playground for kids with disney, hot weels and a lot other cars.

Mainan Hot Wheels Colour Shifters dan Track Builder Display Launcher

Di video kali ini, Superduper Ziyan mau review mainan Hot Wheels City terbaru.
Ada dua set mainan :
1. Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Sharkport Showdown
2. Hot Wheels Track Builder Display Launcher

Ziyan suka banget mainan Hot Wheels Colour Shifter karena bisa berubah warna saat kena air es dan air hangat.
Selain itu Display Launchernya juga keren karena bisa menyimpan 6 mobil Hot Wheels dan bisa digunakan sebagai slam launcher.

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Hot Wheels Aneh Bisa Berubah Warna..!! Siapa Yang Punya..??

#HotWheels #Larics #YoutubeAnak

Hallo teman-teman..
Larics baru tahu ni kalau ada Hot Whees dua warna.. hehe
Tonton videonya sampai selesai ya..
Semoga terhibur…

Judul : Hot Wheels Aneh Bisa Berubah Warna !!! Siapa Yang Punya ???
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Hot Wheels SUPER Ultimate Garage Motorized Mega City Playset with Jet Plane Spiral Speedway Gorilla

Mattel has done it again, folks at home! After the release of the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage, which was the largest Hot Wheels garage playset ever, they have one-upped it with the SUPER Ultimate Garage. This playset is incredible…It is motorized and has a spiral elevator that lifts the cars all the way to the top. Watch out for the gorilla that might swat cars off! It has six levels to park over 140 cars, and it also comes with a jet plane that can hold two cars underneath. If that’s not enough, it has a full level where you can go through the spinning turntable, get your cars washed, fixed up, and then send them down the ramp. It has a spiral raceway with a finish line that tells you the clear winner. There are also many roadways on the ground level to drive around nd race. Don’t like taking the motorized elevator? That’s okay, because there is a second kid-powered elevator as well! The set comes with four cars to get you started, but you’ll have to add more from your collection to fill up all the parking spots. As far as I know, this is the largest Hot Wheels playset ever released!

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